Corporate Gift or Party Favor Bag

Corporate Gift or Party Favor Bag

An example of what a corporate gift or party favor may look like.  All gifts and favors are custom made to include the products that you choose.  We are happy to make suggestions for you.  The recipients of customized mastihashop gifts will be delighted and remember the gesture always!

A few Gift Examples:

Oral Hygeine Gift Bag $6.75
ELMA Dental Gum, Mastiha & Lemon Gum, ELMA Mastiha & Honey Mints

Sweet Treats Gift Bag $12.80
2 Malban Jelly Bites w/ Mastiha, 2 Milk Chocolate Bon Bons w/ Mastiha & Pistachio, 1 Mastiha Loukoumi, 1 Dark Chocolate Covered Mastiha Loukoumi, 1 Handmade Milk Chocolate Bar w/ Mastiha

mastihashoptherapy Gift Bag $29.95
Lip Aid w/ Mastiha, All Natural Olive Oil Soap w/ Mastiha, 20g Large Mastiha Tears

The possibilities are endless! Please contact us for further information and help creating your own custom gifts.




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